Christina 🌻

Yep …. That’s me. Silly. Loving. Thinker. Unique. Introverted. The name Joyfully Chrissy Lee was basically given to me. I’m always described as Joyful so hence the first name Joyfully. The Chrissy Lee came from one of the women that raised me (Grandma πŸ‘΅πŸΎ). My legal name is Christina but many family members call me […]

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The Good Fight πŸ₯Š

Ever watched a Boxing πŸ₯Š Match? Ever seen the one who seems that they will end up losing because they are beat to a pulp? Eyes Swollen Closed, Face Beat Up, Blood Dripping Down Their Face. …. Just looking defeated Overwhelmed Beat Up & Broken down Each punch they receive breaks them more and more. […]

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My Very 1st True Love . . .

If I never have the opportunity to write again, I would probably go insane. Writing is my means to everything. It is my freedom in a sometimes not so free world. It is my release when my mind is on overload. It is my expression when I need to express. It is my “common sense” […]

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