In my Christian walk, I have come across some flawed individuals. The ones who have ministered to me the most are ones who have presented themselves naked, flaws and all. They have shared some real personal stuff, bared their chest and still very much have a bonified relationship with Christ.

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Writing the Pain Away ….

Growing up, I was forced to suppress the bad emotions. I didn’t grow up in an environment where expressing sadness or hurt was the norm. I was raised to walk with my head held high, smiling, giving the world the impression that all was well.  In reality, all was not well ….. There were times […]

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. . . For the busy people.

I find so much beauty in sunsets. I’m fascinated by the beautiful portrait that it paints. I love how the sky becomes a blend of colors that range from mixtures of yellow, orange, blue and even pink. I try to catch as many sunsets as I can, and when I do; I become still in […]

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A Loner . . . Until Now 

For as long as I can remember, I have always been a loner. I have always enjoyed and felt secure with “me time.” It was something I would (and still) look forward to after school, church or a long day at work. As a matter of fact, it was something I craved. As I reflect […]

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