A Different World

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A Different World . . .not only was it a good show in the late 1980’s and early 90’s …. it is where we are now as a nation. 

The show “A Different World” schooled us on #BlackCulture and gave us insight into the experiences of being a Black college student.

The show dealt with classism within the black culture and social injustices but more importantly there was always a sense of pride for having #BrownSkin after watching each episode.

The title of the show “A Different World” stands out at this present time because we are literally living in a different world then we were living in 4 months ago.

We are still within the pandemic although it seems and appears that we are at the end.

Presently, in this new world, we have to wear mask or facial coverings, remain 6 feet within each other and have to readjust to life as we once knew it.

This is the new norm.

We are in a different world ….

We can’t casually go to the Nail or Beauty Salon, we can’t eat in restaurants, we can’t go into a Mall to go shopping and we have to wait online to enter into a Grocery store. 

A different world ….

We can’t have our office spaces in little cubicles or have meetings at work and we can’t freely travel like we used to or want to.

A different world ….

& in the midst of a pandemic we have to deal with social injustices that have been simmering over time and have boiled over to a level of intolerance. 


There is a difference in how the nation is responding to the Social Injustices that exist. More people are coming together, united as one, to unify their voice and collectively speak about the injustices occurring.

I’m optimistic about this new world that we dwell in. It is indeed different.

I think we can all agree …. some changes are needed and changes will come.



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