Who is Joyfully Chrissy Lee? 

Hey Y’all!

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

My name is Christina and I also go by “Joyfully Chrissy Lee.”

I love writing and I love connecting with people so I figured … why not start a Blog?!

For those struggling with their Christian Journey.

For those who need encouragement.

For the mothers.

For those who need a sprinkle of JOY.

My Blogs are about my struggles on my journey from Darkness to Joy and honestly anything else that I feel like adding.

We all need a little Joy in our life but sometimes obtaining and holding on to it can be a struggle.

Read, Look, Comment & EnJOY!

Signed With JOY

Joyfully Chrissy Lee 

4 thoughts on “Who is Joyfully Chrissy Lee? 

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  1. Oh my gosh!!!!! You better go and Praise God again and again Joyfully Chrissy Lee! I am so happy and proud of you my sister in Christ! YES YES AND YES AGAIN!!!👏🏽🎉👍🏽🎈🎉😘❤️.
    Love you dearly – Michelle 🌺


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