Being Joyfully You – Genesis

Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans. Proverbs 16:3

5 years ago God dropped some things in my spirit.

He told me it would involve the following things:

  1. It would be a Free Event
  2. Where Women Would Gather
  3. & God’s Spirit of Joy would flow

I started planning an event for January 2017 – I think I titled it “A Night of Joy” but I talked myself out of it.

“Who would come to something I planned?!”
I mean – “Who am I?”
“What do I have to offer anyone?”
& more importantly- “I’m so depressed – How the heck can I speak about God’s Joy in my darkest season?!”

God kept nudging me for the next year and a half to plan the event and carry out the vision he placed in my heart. 💛

In 2018 – A fearful, insecure and un-joyful woman (at the time) planned and launched “Being Joyfully You.”

I literally had no idea what I was doing. To this day I don’t even know how I was able to finance it all by myself and still pay my bills.

After a successful launch – I told God “I’m one and done!”
“I did what you asked me to do!” 😊 Now I can rest.

I was very content and proud of myself for yielding and being obedient and genuinely was “naturally” satisfied with doing one event. I’ll repeat the last part of that statement: “naturally satisfied”

God’s Reply was – “ Nope, you’re just getting started!” 🙄🤦🏾‍♀️😩

2019 rolled in rather quickly so I planned and noticed growth immediately. More people were inquiring. More people showed up. I actually had a team of people that partnered with me and volunteered their time.
I was more confident and in a better financial state to plan it, so “Being Joyfully You – Year 2- The Unveiling” occurred on March 30th, 2019.

Being Joyfully You – Year 2 – The Unveiling

It was a beautiful March day and about 60 women were in attendance.

Being Joyfully You – Year 2 – The Unveiling

Now we are in Year 3. There was no tugging from God – I just immediately started planning it after Year 2 ended; I literally started planning the day of.

I knew that the event was growing so I started saving money to properly finance everything needed for Year 3.

“Being Joyfully You – Year 3 – Friendship” is 22 days away.
My Faith is growing and the planning is running a little more smoothly.

There is definitely a bit of anxiety because I truly want each woman in attendance to leave in a better place than when they entered.

I desire for woman to connect with each other.

I desire for women to speak and share freely because they are in a safe place to do so.

I desire for the Spirit of Joy to flow. 🙌🏾

In Faith – I speak and declare that “Being Joyfully You – Year 3” is going to be an amazing event for all!

To those whom will be in attendance- I can’t wait to meet you.

To those who are unable to attend or are on the waiting list for “Being Joyfully You – Year 3 – I am planning more events within the same year! 😉

I declare that “Being Joyfully You” will be a Non-Profit Organization that helps spread Joy to others in need. 🙌🏾

For those who have a ministry, a plan, an idea …. or anything that God placed in your heart and you are afraid to act on it – Just Do It!

God will truly see you through.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 reads – There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.

This is YOUR SEASON – Step out of Fear and Walk boldly into your purpose.

Signed with Joy,

Joyfully Chrissy Lee 💛🌻

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