Christian – What’s the definition of a Christian?

What does the word Christian mean?

What does a Christian look like? Act like?

What kind of Christians do you know?

What kind of Christians do you interact with?

I am a Christian.

I believe in Jesus Christ and have no problem proclaiming he died on the Cross for my sins.

I spread his message, testify about my own journey on this walk with Christ and do my very best to extend the invite to attend Church.

I work daily on trying to be more like him.

I’m also a flawed and a jumbled mess.

I’ve sinned asked for forgiveness and sinned again.

Does that make me less of a Christian?!

You look at me, see my pictures on Social Media and conjure up this Unflawed Persona of Joyfully Chrissy Lee.

Do me a favor and stop. 🙅🏾🛇

I’ve lied, cheated, cursed and then some . . . . 😔

All on my journey of being a Christian . . . .

but does that make me any less of a Christian? 🤔

Christian = Christ like

Christ like = Striving to be like him

It doesn’t mean you won’t stumble along the way.

I am a small seed and just like any seed – I need dirt to grow.

Sometimes things get a little messy.


The beauty is – that Seed grows into a Tree with branches of Wisdom from God and life’s experiences that you learn from the mess ups in life.

I’m a saint with a messy past.

I’m a sinner with a PHENOMENAL Future.

I am thankful for God’s grace, his mercy and 2nd Chances to make things right.

To my Flawed Christians.

To my imperfect Christians.

To those struggling with this Journey with Christ.

God’s with you along the way.

You’re not alone.

Let me say that again – You’re not alone.

Everyone has something they are struggling with.

Don’t succumb to the struggle.

Pray, Share Your Burdens with Another &

Work on becoming a better you.

Let your struggle be your Testimony to bring others into the Kingdom of God.

Don’t be ashamed. Don’t hide your scars of life.

Share when God allows you to do so. (Read Galations 6:1-5)

Repent when you fall. (Read Acts 3:19)

Ask others to pray for you. (James 5:16)

Then pick yourself back up and start again minus the Condemnation. (Romans 8:1)

Remember – You are loved 💚 . . . just as you are. 💛

Signed with a Humbled Heart,

Joyfully Chrissy Lee 💫🌻

7 thoughts on “Sinner

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    1. Thank You so much. I appreciate you taking out the time to read and comment. Be Blessed and have a JOYOUS day! 💛 Love – Your Sister in Christ!


  1. This is such an empowering message! I loved that you owned and identified that you are not what’s considered as a perfect Christian and you have flaws. Once we identify our struggles and flaws it gives us a clear idea of how to cope and strategize a plan to conquer whatever it is stopping us from fulfilling our God given purpose.


    1. Thank You so much for reading! 💛 I truly Appreciate you taking out the time to do so.
      I will never cease to share my testimony of my struggles and flaws. I want people to know that God loves me in the same manner that God loves them – Flaws and All.
      There is freedom when you share your personal story and their is much celebration if your story leads someone to or back to Christ!


  2. Great topic and I love your transparency! You truly are an amazing individual flaws and all. The encouragement and reassurance is so needed. I’ve been there where I constantly critique my actions and thoughts both voluntarily and the ones that creep in and surprise me. So thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank You so much for reading and commenting.
      I try to connect with my readers by being as transparent as I can with my writing.
      Let’s embrace the way that God loves us by loving ourselves in the same manner knowing we are all saved by his Grace. 🌻


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