Brown Boy 





Leader in the making

Brown Boy

… you are ALL those things and more.

A King amongst all things ….

Brown Boy ….. You are love. ❤

I look at you and I see strength passed down from our ancestors.

Society may see different.

Some may see you as a threat ….

Some may see you as a person with no ambition because of the tint of your skin.

Some may have statistically predicted your future with a negative ending because of the tint of your skin.

But Baby …. You are a Renaissance in the making.

Continue to inquire why things are the way they are. Don’t be afraid to speak out when things are wrong. Don’t allow them to paint a picture of who you are not …. Continue to stroke the brush to the beat of your own drum.

Brown Boy …. Paint a Picture to be admired by all in all your “Brownness.”

There is GREATNESS with in you.

Brown Boy …… Continue to be Great in ALL you do.

Embrace the tint of your skin because it is indeed a beautiful one. Show the world Brown is something to admire.


Your Beautiful Brown Mother 😘

Joyfully Chrissy Lee 💫🌻

2 thoughts on “Brown Boy 

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    1. Brown boy is something a lot of us can relate to including myself. Unfortunately in today’s times we need the positive support of those that realize that we are a part of society that has a lot to contribe to making the world a better place. When we speak, listen and vice versa.We are all God’s creations and everyone has a purpose in life. Continue to be the example of positivity in our thoughts and our actions and we all will get to that better place.


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