I never want to be the kind of Christian who portrays themselves as perfect. 

I have several flaws, I struggle daily …. bottom line, that why I need Jesus. 

In my Christian walk, I have come across some flawed individuals. The ones who have ministered to me the most are ones who have presented themselves naked, flaws and all. They have shared some real personal stuff, bared their chest and still very much have a bonified relationship with Christ.

In my Christian walk, I look to do the same. It is a struggle at times because I was raised to keep my business to myself; raised to be as private as can be. This along with past hurts, caused me to be very guarded. 


I have learned that there can be a blessing in sharing. Our lives, downfalls, struggles and all can be a testimony for others.

Our lives, downfalls and struggles provide life lessons to ourselves and others. 

I’ve shared in my past blogs that I had been my own worst enemy for many years. You guys have no idea how badly I used to beat up on myself for past mistakes. I was in a emotionally abusive relationship with self, which was what had led me to depression but by the Grace of God, I am delivered and healed. 

Can someone say “Hallelujah &Amen!” LOL 🙌 (Praise Break 💃💃💃💃)

In life …. in this Christian walk, we will be tested and tempted by the enemy. 

In life …. in this Christian walk, we may yield to struggles and temptations. 

We may hurt others including ourselves in the midst of. 😔

…. If you yield to temptations; I lovingly admonish you to seek Forgiveness from God but also forgive yourself. 

Do not and I repeat Do NOT live life with regrets. 

We are all flawed in ways and no one is sinless. 

Some of us do a heck of a job putting on the nice cloak of being or should I say portraying a “Righteous Christian,” that never curses, drinks, watches pornography, smokes, judges, lies, had immoral sex, steals, gossips …. shall I continue?

I know that was a lot to swallow so I’ll pause so you can digest. 


The items listed above are not okay and shouldn’t be condoned but I’ve found that in my journey of Christianity, those who were going through, were a little messy or hurting ministered to me greatly and the fact that they grew or learned from their downfalls pierced me more. 

I was moved how they openly shared about their hurts and some repeated failures. 

It made me say “Wow, they been through some stuff but are still holding on!”

I’m here to tell you, I’ve been through some stuff too. A heck of a lot of stuff for the age of 31 (soon to be 32 on 1/22 🎂 Yay Me 💃) I don’t have it all together and I definitely don’t have all the answers. 

If you were told, in your Christian walk is: all you have to do is “Believe in Jesus Christ, do good deeds and you’ll be waiting to enter in the kingdom of God”…. sorry ….. This Christian walk is a little more complex than that. 

For those who are hurting, struggling, lonely or just messed up in life …. there is a God who can see your through. 

Take it from me. 

I Christina, am a Christian. I pray daily, read and meditate on the word daily and attend Church every week …. but guess what?????? I am also one jacked up Chic with many struggles and flaws. I’ve made many mistakes and failures that I am not proud of. I will not flaunt my sins but I can honestly tell you, I know how it feels to relish in guilt, condemnation and shame. I don’t want the same for you. 

The enemy will mess with your mind and bring you into a dark place which will be hard to escape from. 

I want to say to you that God sees your failures as an opportunity for growth. He loves you and will never leave your side even when you are in the midst of your mess. 

God’s love is separate from our actions. He never stops loving us when we mess up. 

Do as Christ, love others when they mess up as well.

Love yourself. ❤

Know that you are so flawed that Jesus died on the Cross for you because he loves you flaws and all.

The kind of Love that he has for us is sometimes unfathomable…. but he loves us so.

My fellow Christians …. you will mess up along the way … some may mess up more than others; but don’t be overtaken by your failures. 

Be overtaken by God’s grace, forgiveness and mercy.

To every reader, I love you all so very much. 

To every reader, God loves you all so very much. 

Be a good witness to others, show some skin (meaning some struggles or hurdles in life) to those in need and pray that they are drawn to Christ by your testimony.

Signed with Joy,

Joyfully Chrissy Lee 💫🌻

Prayer: God, I am a mess right now in life. I ask for your forgiveness and ask you to help me along the way. I will yield to your directions. I ask that you surround me with people that will help me stay on the right track in life. I want to do better Lord and I need your help.Now in closing, I ask that  you clothe me with the full Armour of God so I can withstand any temptation that may come my way. 

In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

To my fellow followers: I will be on a Social Media Fast beginning tomorrow and ending on March 20, 2017.

In my absence, I lovingly request that you spread God’s JOY & LOVE everywhere you go. You never know who is in need. 😉

6 thoughts on “Flawed 

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  1. Amen. We are all a work in progress and the progress can get uncomfortable but hold on to God’s word.
    And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns.
    Philippians 1:6 NLT
    Be encouraged my Sister in Christ.

    Signed with Joy,
    Joyfully Chrissy Lee 🌻💫


  2. Hey,

    This is a phenomenal post thank youfor sharing, for you sharing has been a great encourager. I look forward to more.

    Love ya,
    Another messed up chick😉(Lahdicorner)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Love this! Transparency is what we need in the church, as well as a whole lot of real talk! When we share our struggles, the enemy no longer has a hold on us in that area, and guess what? Others are set free as well. Great post! 😁👌👍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank You for reading. I agree. Transparency is needed in the Body of Christ and within ourselfs. Their is Freedom in Christ …. it begins with being honest and open about areas we need help in.

      Signed with Joy,
      Joyfully Chrissy Lee 🌻💫

      Liked by 1 person

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