His 1st Kiss (💋), His 1st Friend (👫), His 1st LOVE (💛)

Sons are literally the absolute best! 

They love their mothers with all of their being and they are just so darn fun.

⚠ Girls are okay too …. so Mother’s of Daughters, there is absolutely no shade thrown your way.⚠

I love the relationship I have with my son. I love our talks. I love how transparent he is with me. I love how silly he is. … to sum it up, I just love me some him. 😍

Let me pause on gushing about my son and introduce the boy I’m talking about.

Drum Roll Please 🎵🎶♩: Now introducing Jonathan Christian also known as J.C, an intelligent, silly, sports loving boy with such a compassionate heart. 

He aspires to be a Police Officer 👮, a YouTube Star vlogging about building Legos and last but not least, an engineer. Yep … all those things and more.

This 10 Year old cool kid (12/1/2006 🎂) believes he can do anything he puts his mind to do and I (of course) am his biggest Cheerleader cheering him on. 💃💃 (Go J.C.! Go J.C.! Go 👏👏) 

Isn’t that how it’s supposed to be? 

All mothers should consistently praise their children throughout their lives. We should be speaking and declaring positive words over them throughout the day until those things we speak come to pass. 

We should also teach them to speak positive words and make declarations over their own life. For instance, every night before J.C. goes to bed, he declares the following words out loud before he goes to sleep:

“I am a King. I am intelligent. I can do anything I put my mind to do. I am a leader. I am blessed and highly favored. Opportunities knock on my door. My mind is at peace and I will only have good dreams.” 

Short and sweet but strong in what he is speaking over his life.

As mothers, we are our children’s 1st Kiss. Within that kiss we convey the amount of love we have for them. We also convey nurture and how they can always find comfort in us. 

As mothers, we are our sons 1st Friend.

☡ Now, I use the word friend with much caution. 

Growing up, one of my mother’s favorite line was “I’m NOT your friend, I am your mother!” What she wanted to stress is that she is the person that sets the rules and sets boundaries of what I can and cannot do. Mom or Mother is a title that demands respect. She wanted me to know that I could talk to her about anything as my mother and she would guide me the right way. 

So let’s rewind 📼 back to being our children’s 1st Friend. 

Your child should know that they can come to you for guidance in the same way that they may go to a friend. They can have fun with you and be themselves BUT as a parent, you must put boundaries, limits and structure in place; so wear the “friend hat” lightly. 🎩

  1. Food for thought  (🍎💭) – If you treat your child like a friend, you may be sending the message that they are your peer and that they are your equal and “Whoa to my dear son that may think that he is my equal. 🚫”

Moral of the last couple of stanzas:

1. Naturally you are your child’s first friend …. first everything 

2. Walk that friendship line lightly 😉

… and lastly. You are your child’s 1st love. ❤

They dwelled in your stomach for 9 months, bonded with you 1st after entering the world and made their 1st connection with YOU. 

Isn’t that a beautiful thing? 

Have fun with your children! Relish in the things they are interested in. Be their biggest supporter and enJOY every smile they put on your face. The love of a parent is so overwhelming and indescribable. 

Signed with JOY,

Joyfully Chrissy Lee 🌻

Dedicated to My Love – J.C. ❤

Happy Birthday Jonathan Christian!!!! ❤

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